Mon, 8/19 vs. Marina - [scrm], 2:45pm

  • V (A): Jessie Chen

  • JV (A): Nikka Shahrokni

Tues, 8/20 vs. Dana Hills - [scrm], 3pm

  • V (H): Anika Shah

  • JV (A): Sienna Hashoul

Wed, 8/21 vs. Valencia - [scrm], 3pm

  • V (A): Sunjana Venkitakrishshnan

  • JV(A): Nicole Lee

Thurs, 8/22 vs. Laguna Beach - [scrm], 3pm

  • V (A): Allison Vu

  • JV (H): Jessie Chen

Tues, 8/27 vs. San Juan Hills, 3pm

  • V (H): Anna Srivastava

  • JV (A): Kenda Kattash

Wed, 8/28 vs. Edison, 2:30pm - CANCELLED

  • V (H): Zeina Rajjoub

  • JV (A): Adithi Raghavan

Thurs, 8/29 vs. Murrieta Valley, 3pm

  • V (H): Zeina Rajjoub

  • JV (A): Kendall Whitmer 

Wed, 9/4 vs. Foothill, 3pm

  • V (A): Haley Kang

  • JV (H): Ellie Jiang

Fri, 9/6 Fall Showcase, 12:30pm

  • V (H): Sunjana Venkitakrishshnan

  • JV (A) @Woodbridge: Mansi Saini

Mon, 9/9 vs. Yorba Linda, 3pm

  • V (A): Isha Shah

  • JV (H): Auguste Roessler

Tues, 9/10 vs. Mater Dei, 2:30pm

  • V (H): Isha Shah

  • JV(A)@ Los Caballeros: Sienna Hashoul 

Thurs, 9/12 vs. Santa Margarita, 3pm

  • V(A): Allison Vu

  • JV(H): Megan Vermillion

Fri, 9/13 vs. CDM, 2:30pm

  • Frosh (H): Kendall Whitmer

Tues, 9/17 vs. Fountain Valley, 3pm

  • V (A): Lauren Le

  • JV (H): Adithi Raghavan

  • Frosh (A):

Wed, 9/18 vs. San Clemente, 3pm

  • V (H): Haley Kang

  • JV (A): Anissa Mika Savani

Thurs, 9/19 vs. Aliso Niguel, 3pm

  • V (H): Anika Shah

  • JV (A): Nikka Shahrokni

Wed, 9/25 vs. Cdm, 2:30pm

  • V (A): Madeline Pak

  • JV (H): Nicole Lee

Thurs, 9/26 vs. Portola, 3pm

  • V (A): Kaitlyn Nguyen

  • JV (A): Priyanka Kalidindi

Fri, 9/27 vs. Cdm, 2:30pm

  • Frosh (A): Helen Xu

Tues, 10/1 vs. Irvine, 3pm

  • V (H): Suhina Chand

  • JV (A): Kelly Zhou

Wed, 10/2 vs. Mira Costa, 3pm

  • V (H): Madeline Pak

  • JV (H): Ellie Jiang

Thurs, 10/3 vs. Woodbridge, 3pm

  • V (A): Vicky Aguirre

  • JV (H): Priyanka Kalidindi

Fri, 10/4 vs. Mater Dei, 2:30pm

  • Frosh (A) @Los Caballeros: Helen Xu

Tues, 10/8 vs. Northwood, 3pm

  • V (A): Lauren Le

  • JV (H): Kelly Zhou

Thurs, 10/10 vs. University, 3pm

  • V(H): Talia Rim

  • JV(A): VyVy Truong

Tues, 10/15 vs. Portola, 3pm

  • V (H): Anna Srivastava

  • JV (A): Ashley Serrano

Wed, 10/16 vs. Trabuco Hills

  • V (A): Zeina Rajjoub

  • JV (H): Adithi Raghavan

Thurs, 10/17 V @ Irvine, 3pm

  • V(A): Suhina Chand

  • JV(H): Gia Patel

Fri, 10/18 vs. Mater Dei, 2:30pm

  • Frosh (H): Auguste Roessler

Fri, 10/25 vs. University, 2:30pm-4:30pm​(or 2 Rds)

  • Frosh (H):

Tues, 10/22 vs. Woodbridge, 3pm

  • V(H): Kaitlyn Nguyen

  • JV(A): Mansi Saini

Thurs, 10/24 vs. Northwood, 3pm

  • V(H): Talia Rim

  • JV(A): Gia Patel

Mon, 10/28 vs. University, 3pm

  • V(A): Vicky Aguirre

  • JV(H): Aleana Winter

Wed-Thurs, 10/30-31 PCL League Finals, tbd

  • Wed: Taruna Manku

  • Thurs: Taruna Manku


Please plan for 15 varsity meals and 21 JV meals (# includes coaches)

 *Allergies: Var - 1 NUT allergy, 4 Veggies;  JV -  1 NUT allergy, 2 Veggies, 2 Chicken only

  • Time & Place:

    • Home games: @ courts by 1:30pm 

    • Away games: @ bus gate by 1:00pm (back of school on El Camino)

  • May also drop off in the morning for both home and away games before school at:

    • Coach Friendt's classroom #120

    • Coach Bowman's classroom #119

  • Food must be labeled for Varsity or JV

  • Advise coaches if refrigeration is needed or if need to borrow cooler & ice



  • Turkey, ham or chicken sandwiches (i.e. Dry sandwich trays from Ralphs or Albertsons, Subway, Chick-fil-A, Corner Bakery, Flame Broiler, etc..), Costco Ciabata bread +cold cuts, etc..

  • Chips, granola bars, fruits, Go-Gurts

  • Minimum of 3 bottles of water per player (sports drinks are okay but MUST bring water also)



NOTE: Please make sure to bring cold drinks in a cooler with ice.  A cooler is available for use    from school and the player can pick up from the coaches' room & have filled with ice.

 Please advise the coaches in advance.  


         For questions or date change requests, please contact:
               Apurvi Shah - or  
               Yogita Dhiman -


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